Welcome to Child Evangelism Fellowship of North Dakota. Our name spells out our identity in that we are all about reaching children with the Gospel of Christ, and we are thrilled to have a fellowship of like-minded believers partnering with this growing ministry.  We are excited to see God working in the hearts of children all across our beautiful state.  If you share our passion, join our fellowship in guiding a new generation that seeks to honor God!

Twice Blessed 2022 Results

Twice Blessed 2022

All Gifts Given to Camp Good News Camp Scholarships Doubled up to $2500!

Give now at https://ndcef.tiny.us/twice-blessed

Between November 15 and December 31, donations given through Twice Blessed for Camp Good News camp scholarships will matched – up to $2500!

This is CEF’s fourth year participating in Twice Blessed, and each year we have been blown away by the generous response! Last year, God used your gifts to almost exactly meet the amount of scholarships requested! These scholarships make it possible for children to attend Camp Good News even if they normally couldn’t afford the registration fee.

Twice Blessed is a matching grant program sponsored by the St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation.

Any gifts given beyond the $2500 match will not be matched, but will still be passed on to CEF to use for camp scholarships.

You can give online or download a paper donation form at ndcef.tiny.us/twice-blessed

Summer Ministries:
A New Approach, The Same Message

This summer, we are making some exciting changes to our summer ministries!

5-Day Clubs are becoming Go Clubs!*
Christian Youth in Action is becoming Go Training!

Along with the new names, we are making some changes to the programs themselves, all with the purpose of being more effective as we share the Gospel of Christ with the children of North Dakota!

Go Clubs will now be held for four days instead of five and for two hours instead of 90 minutes. Although we’re meeting for fewer days, we will actually get to spend more time with the kids at clubs. This time will be spent making connections and having meaningful Gospel conversations.

Go Training will include new classes on how to have those Gospel conversations and on how to lead the new small group times.

For more information on these changes, please visit our Announcing Go page.

*Go Clubs and Go Training are pilot programs of CEF of North Dakota with the permission of Child Evangelism Fellowship, Inc.