Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

-Jeremiah 33:3

One of CEF’s culture points talks about the importance of prayer as the foundation of all we do. It’s not the planning, programs, or promotion that we do that plays the biggest role in moving the ministry forward. It’s prayer.

Prayer needs to be at the center of everything we do. And we would love to have you join with us in those prayers. Below, you’ll find a prayer guide with a different focus for each day of the week. You can use this as a starting point to pray for CEF of North Dakota. 

You can also download a plain printable version of the weekly prayer guide here.

If you want more up to date prayer requests, you can sign up to get regular prayer updates via email. You can sign up for those emails here.

We also want to pray for you! The staff gathers together and prays regularly and we would love to pray for you during these times. You can send us your prayer requests here.

Weekly Prayer Guide

Sunday – Pray for the Kids

  • Protection
  • Hearts open to the Gospel
  • A hunger to know God more
  • A growing understanding of God’s Word
  • Boldness to stand up for Christ

Monday – Pray for Families

  • Healthy connections during this season of social distancing
  • Healthy homes that encourage spiritual growth
  • Parents who lovingly shepherd their children’s hearts.

Tuesday – Pray for Our Volunteers

  • That they would be able to keep ministering to children through alternative means
  • That God would stir their hearts to pray for the children
  • For the outreach they help lead to continue even stronger

Wednesday – Pray for Our Programs

  • For an uninterrupted summer ministry season
  • For creativity to bring the unchanging Gospel message to an ever-changing culture
  • For strength to endure while bringing the Gospel to a culture that has moved away from the church

Thursday – Pray for Promotion

  • To reach children with information quickly and clearly
  • To get the word out about new programs
  • To encourage people with the hope of the Gospel and the excitement of God’s work advancing.

Friday – Pray for Leaders

  • That they will lead out of the overflow of their hearts for God
  • That they will be able to adapt to the challenges in order to respond to the COVID-19
  • That they will partner with local churches to reach children and entire families

Saturday – Pray for Youth Serving in Our Ministry

  • That they would be open to God’s leading in ministry opportunities
  • That they would be set apart for God’s ministry to children
  • That htey would lead by example when teaching children the Gospel