Welcome to Child Evangelism Fellowship of North Dakota. Our name spells out our identity in that we are all about reaching children with the Gospel of Christ, and we are thrilled to have a fellowship of like-minded believers partnering with this growing ministry.  We are excited to see God working in the hearts of children all across our beautiful state.  Please pray with us as our summer ministries season is fully operational.   If you share our passion, join our fellowship in guiding a new generation that seeks to honor God!

This Giving Tuesday, we’re inviting you to give in a different way!

We’re inviting you to give your prayers!

What does that mean? We’re blessed to work with some terrific teenagers through our Christian Youth in Action program. We’re asking you to “adopt” a teen by committing to pray for them throughout the coming year! Just sign up using the form at the link below and we’ll pair you up with one of our teens!

“Adopt a Teen” sign up form

If you would like to give financially this Giving Tuesday, all gifts given will go toward the cost of CYIA Training, specifically to the 5-Day Club teaching kits the teens use.

Each kit includes Bible lessons, missionary stories, memory verses, songs, game ideas, and more!

$50 covers the cost of one of these kits.

To give, visit our giving page here.

COVID-19 Response

The health and well-being of everyone involved with CEF is a top priority. As we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to trust a sovereign God and seek His wisdom.

You can find the latest updates on our response here.