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About Go Clubs and Go Training

About Go Clubs

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What’s the difference between CEF and Go Clubs/Go Training?
CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) is the name of the international children’s ministry that sponsors summer missions. Go Clubs and Go Training is a pilot program ministry of CEF of North Dakota. These programs are done with the permission of Child Evangelism Fellowship, Inc.

How much should I serve during the summer? This is a decision that is up to you and your family. We suggest that you serve in at least two weeks of ministry after Go Training. We have ministry events going on throughout the summer, so in many ways, you can “choose your own adventure!” But we also understand that you may have other commitments throughout the summer.

If you feel unsure about your abilities, please know that training will prepare you for the summer ahead! The experience as a summer missionary and the friendships built through this work are definitely reasons to serve .

Is this a real job?
Those who complete Go Training are eligible to work as summer missionaries, either as a volunteer or paid staff. You and your family can decide whether you want to volunteer or be paid. Those who serve as paid staff are required to raise funds, as do all CEF paid missionaries. CEF workers raise funds according to this policy: “Ask God, tell His people.” In other words, we prayerfully rely on God to provide our needs while sharing these needs with others. Most summer missionaries do this by sending prayer- and fund-raising letters to family and friends.

What is a prayer-and fund-raising letter?
Basically, it’s a nice, simple letter that explains what you do and requests the reader to pray about being a prayer and/or financial supporter. You’ll send this letter to friends and family members. It might sound tough, but we’ll show you how to write one…and then help you get it started and sent off!

When will I receive my admission packet?
Your packet should come within the first few weeks of May (after we’ve received your application, of course.) Please carefully read and hold onto everything that comes in your packet!

What should I pack for training camp?
You’ll get a packing list in your admission packet. Basically, though, bring the necessities (clothes, toiletries, sleeping bag and pillow, Bible) and leave the rest at home.

Can I miss part of training?
We expect everyone to attend the full training. We cover a lot of material during this time, so if you miss even a day, it’s going to take awhile to catch up. If you are a returning student and need to miss a partial day or several days (due to an ACT test, other completely unavoidable schedule conflict, etc.), please contact us as soon as possible. First-year students must take part in the entire session in order to complete their requirements; if you have a conflict, contact us immediately so we can discuss it with you.


Where will I teach clubs?
 Generally, you’ll serve within your local CEF chapter. Occasionally, you may be invited to serve in another chapter in North Dakota. Whether or not you travel far from your hometown is up to you and your parents.

Where do I stay if I’m serving a ways from home?
If you’re traveling more than a close distance from your town to serve in CEF ministries, you’ll stay at host homes. All of our host families are trusted friends of CEF. Many  have provided housing for summer missionaries before. If you’re teaching in your hometown, you get to enjoy the comfort of your own home.

Do I have to pay for transportation, food, or lodging? Out-of-town lodging is always provided. Out-of-town summer missionaries stay with host families, who provide most meals. It’s always a good idea to have extra money along, though, to pay for your own snacks or if you need to make a fast food stop. Read the next question to learn about transportation.

How do I get around?
Typically, CEF provides rides from a central meeting point to club each day. However, if you are part of a traveling team (meaning, staying away from home for that week of clubs), a staff member or an older, trusted team member will be the driver for the week. Drivers are reimbursed for the gas they use.

Can I miss part of a club or camp week?
If you are going to be gone for part of a week, please don’t sign up to work that week. While we appreciate your desire to help even for a few days, it is very difficult to schedule club times and transportation if the team is in a state of flux.


Can I just serve at camp and not teach clubs?
Camp staff are chosen according to age, maturity, and the amount of summer work they’ve done. We want to know that you’re committed, so if you don’t teach clubs, you’re less likely to be selected as camp staff.

What will my role be at camp?
It varies! Generally, summer missionaries either serve on the Service Team or as a Cabin/Team Counselor.


How are summer interns chosen?
Our interns are college-age students who have ministry experience as CEF summer missionaries. They have a proven track record of leadership potential, responsibility, and maturity. They have proven they can work well as staff members.

What is the phone rule?  

During training: When we move into training camp, we move away from potential distractions like social media, texting, and the busy world. It doesn’t mean these things are bad; we simply need plenty of time to focus on growing our relationships with God and one another, and on our preparations for the summer. In light of this, the following cell phone rule is practiced at training camp:
For students under 18—cell phones must be turned in to the office when you check-in. At least once each day, usually during evening free time, you may check out and use your phone. Phones must be returned by the announced time.

  • For students 18 and older—you may keep your phone, we ask that you use it responsibly.
  • Staff phones and a landline are available for emergencies.

During summer ministries: Cell phone use may be limited while serving in other CEF ministries for similar reasons. Ask your local CEF staff member for more info.

How do I sign up?
Thanks for asking! Visit the Apply page!