General Questions

What are the main changes for Camp Good News? 

The main change is the camp location. Instead of most sessions meeting at one centralized site, each session will meet in different, regional locations. Otherwise, Camp Good News will be similar to past years, with a similar program and many of the same staff and volunteers. 

What are the camp dates and locations? 

Session 1: for kids from the Jamestown, Bismarck, and Dickinson areas: Asbury Camp, Washburn, ND, July 21-26

Session 2: for kids from the Devils Lake, Grand Forks, Fargo areas: Camp Joy, Dent, MN, August 4-9

*We invite Williston and Minot area campers to join our friends at Camp Hope meeting at Camp Bentley, Drake, ND, July 28-August 2. 

Why is CEF changing Camp Good News locations? 

Over the decades, Camp Good News has met at a variety of camps. Most recently, our camps have met at two locations each summer: Camp Bentley near Drake, ND and Camp Joy near Dent, MN. Prior to that, Camp Good News met at multiple, local sites each summer. 

Moving forward, we’ve decided to return to multiple, local sites for two main reasons. 

First, we hope that because camps can meet closer to campers’ and volunteers’ homes, more people from across North Dakota can take part in camp. 

Second, moving towards more local camps allows us to better steward camp finances (more on that below).  

Who was involved in the decision to move camp to multiple sites?
The state board of Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), the organization that sponsors Camp Good News, made the decision on the recommendation of CEF staff. 

Can a camper living in one area attend camp in a different area?
Yes, campers from anywhere can attend any camp session. 

We encourage campers to attend the camp session for their local area so they can get to know volunteers and other kids from their area. 

Please note that for each camp session, we can only provide transportation from cities in that camp’s area. 

Who will direct Camp Good News?
CEF staff will direct camp. The director for each session will depend upon the session location.

I’d like to serve as a volunteer. How do I sign up? 
We’re glad to hear you’d like to help! You can apply to serve as a camp volunteer at (Volunteer applications will be available by March 15).


One of the main reasons the 2023 Camp Good News season was canceled was due to a funding shortfall. What is the current state of Camp Good News finances? We’re grateful to report that the financial gap was closed during the summer of 2023. And we’re very grateful for the donors who generously gave to help close this gap. 

What is the plan for avoiding a financial shortfall in the future? 

To help guard against this problem moving forward, CEF has taken two main steps. First, the camp registration fee reflects the cost of camp. As always, scholarships are available for all campers who need one. Moving forward, scholarships may be requested through a simple application included with the regular camp registration form. 

Second, CEF has adjusted how Camp Good News will be staffed. For the last several years, most of the work surrounding Camp Good News has been handled by the CEF state office. Moving forward, this work will be shared between the state office and our local chapters. This allows us to more fully utilize our existing staff to direct camp. We continue to need volunteers to serve in various roles like counselors, Bible teachers, etc.  

As always, donations for Camp Good News are needed and appreciated. Donations help defray camp costs and allow us to provide scholarships to every camper who needs one.  

I have donated funds to Camp Good News since the end of the 2022 camp season. How will these funds be used moving forward?
Since the end of the 2022 camp season, donations designated for Camp Good News have remained designated for Camp Good News. Funds not specifically given to help with the 2022 funding gap have been saved to help re-launch camp in 2024. 

Future donations designated for Camp Good News will continue to be used by CEF for the Camp Good News program across North Dakota. 

I would like to donate to Camp Good News. How can I do that? 

Donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to help defray camp costs and to provide scholarships for campers who need one. You may give through the following ways: 

  • Online: Visit (Please select “Camp Good News”)
  • Mail: Please send a check, payable to CEF of ND, PO Box 1125, Minot ND 58702 (Please write “Camp Good News” on the memo line.)

Info on Camp Hope and Camp Bentley

What is the relationship between Camp Hope and Camp Good News? 

Camp Hope is sponsored and conducted by Hope Forest. Camp Hope is not affiliated with Camp Good News or Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), the organization that sponsors Camp Good News. We’re excited to offer this opportunity for kids from the Northwest and Williston Basin Chapters to attend Camp Hope. 

Why will Camp Good News not be meeting at Camp Bentley this year? 

We’re very grateful for many years of fruitful partnership between Camp Bentley and Camp Good News. 

As we move to more local/regional camps, our chapter staff have provided input on the best locations for camps for kids from their areas. Kids from our Northeast Chapter will continue joining kids from our Fargo-Moorhead Chapter at our existing camp program at Camp Joy (Dent, MN), which is closer for more kids. Offering a new “south” camp at Asbury Camp (Washburn, ND) allows us to offer camp closer to many of the kids in the southern parts of our state. 

We’re excited to welcome kids from our Northwest and Williston Basin Chapters to attend Camp Hope at Camp Bentley.  

CEF summer missionaries

I’m a CEF summer missionary. Can I work at any of the camp sessions? 

You’re welcome to sign up to serve at any session of camp. 

Please note that preference will be given to summer missionaries from that session’s area. (For example, students living in the Grand Forks and Fargo areas will be given preference for staffing Camp Good News at Camp Joy, Dent, MN.) 

Also, please note that if you want to serve at a camp session outside of your chapter’s area, you must first have the permission of your chapter director. 

We encourage Williston and Minot area summer missionaries to apply to serve at Camp Hope. Your week at Camp Hope will count towards your work weeks as a CEF summer missionary. Please note you will need to complete a separate volunteer application with Camp Hope. 

Other questions, comments or concerns

I have more questions or would like to share feedback. Who can I contact?
Please drop us a line at We’ll be happy to visit with you.