We understand that you may have questions about the cancellation of Camp Good News at Camp Bentley for 2023.

Hopefully, we’ve answered your questions below. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at camp@ndcef.com or 701-557-0767

Why are you cancelling Camp Good News 2023 at Camp Bentley?

As we’ve been looking ahead to the 2023 camp season, we’ve been discussing the future direction of Camp Good News. In doing so, we’ve come to recognize two significant matters.

The first issue is financial. Though many generous donations have been given to the camp program, camp expenses have continued to rise. Currently, we’re praying and working to finish paying for the last of the 2022 camp expenses.

The second issue is logistical. With fewer staff, we currently have a limited capacity for organizing the many volunteers and details needed for a summer camp season while ensuring that we support the other ministries CEF offers.

Who made the decision to cancel camp?

The decision to cancel camp was made by the CEF of North Dakota state board after consulting with several staff members.

Is there enough time to fix the problems?

Unfortunately, no. While camp might feel a ways off, there’s a lot of planning and organizing that happens much earlier in the year and takes months of work. With fewer staff right now, moving forward with camp would result in more work to do in less time, while still preparing for our other summer ministries across the state.

We believe that we serve a God who accomplishes amazing things in unlikely circumstances. But we also believe that He has given us the responsibility to wisely steward the people, funds, and time He provides.

What about camp next year and the years after?

The board and staff will use the months ahead to pray over, discuss, and decide on the direction of Camp Good News in 2024 and beyond. We will post updates as decisions are made.

What options does my child have for another camp?

We know this may leave a camp-shaped hole in your summer plans. If you would like help finding a different Bible camp to attend this summer, please contact your local CEF director. You can find their contact information here. We’ve been in conversation with like-minded camps who would be happy to welcome you this summer. We’d be glad to connect you with them.

We would also like to invite you to our other summer program – Go Clubs. Go Clubs meet in backyards, churches, and parks across the state. Clubs run for two hours for four days in a row. As a bonus, they’re often led by the same people you know and love as counselors as camp! You can find more information on Go Clubs here. Our local directors can help you find a club near you or even get one set up in your neighborhood.

What about the Camp Good News program conducted by the Fargo-Moorhead Chapter?

Our Fargo/Moorhead Chapter’s Camp Good News Day Camps and Overnight Camp at Camp Joy will continue to happen as planned. For more information on these camps, please visit here.

What are you doing with the funds already donated for this summer’s camp?

We want to make sure that we honor our donors’ wishes to the best of our ability. We’re in the process of contacting our camp donors to discuss options for their gifts.

We’re also in conversation with St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation about the Twice Blessed funds we received for camp scholarships. We will be in contact with our Twice Blessed donors in the near future.

What will CEF do to fill the extra time during the summer?

While this is an ongoing discussion, most of our chapters will likely add a week or two of Go Clubs to their summer schedule. This will allow them to reach more kids locally and will potentially open up new club locations.

How does this affect Go Training scholarships and/or payment for the summer missionaries?

Details about Go Training scholarships and Summer Missionary pay vary slightly from chapter to chapter, so we recommend contacting your local staff member about these questions.

How can I help make Camp Good News happen?

If you love Camp Good News and would like to help make the future of camp possible, we’d love to hear from you!

Please fill out this form and let us know how you’d like to help.

You can also give to CEF here.

Who should I contact if I still have questions?

If you have any other questions about camp, please email us at camp@ndcef.com or call 701-557-0767