Before last year’s CYIA Training, we had always held training at a camp. Of course, last year’s training was completely local, with training sites across the state. We learned that there are real advantages to both camp and local training. So, new for 2021, we’re blending the two together!

Here’s how it will look:

Part 1: at camp (June 2-8)

We’ll have six nights at camp, where you’ll meet CYIA students from across North Dakota as we work together to prepare our hearts and minds for a summer of ministry to children. We’re including more time for study and practice of the things you’re learning. And, of course, camp classics like delicious meals, Day of Prayer, and Fun Night will all be part of our time together!

Part 2: local (June 9-11)

For the last three days of training, you’ll return to your local area and complete training in a local setting, either in or near your chapter. There, you’ll get to know your local team better while practicing everything you’ve learned and teaching a real club with kids! Great meals will continue, and you’ll start new chapter traditions!

Local trainings will meet in the following cities:

Fargo-Moorhead Chapter: Fargo

Northeast Chapter: Grand Forks

Northwest and Williston Basin Chapters: Minot

Southeast and Southwest Chapters: Bismarck

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