CEF and Beyond

For many of our CEF family, leading a Good News Club or serving with Christian Youth in Action is just one step in the journey God is leading them on.
Over the next few issues of the Magnify, we’re going to check in with former and current CYIAers and volunteers to see how God has been leading them.

Lexy Stavem

Lexy Stavem
Lexy Stavem

Our first volunteer interview is with Lexy Stavem, a 20-year-old former CYIA student from Minot. Lexy also served as a Good News Club leader at Edison Elementary her junior year of High School and helped with the start of Youth Challenge.

How did you first get involved with CEF?
My grandma, Maxine, worked with Mama Linda (Erickson), and Mama Linda invited us girls to come to Camp Good News. I was a camper for 4-5 years. CYIA just seemed like a natural next step. It was a good push to get myself out there a little more and I was interested in what CEF was doing. I loved going to 5-Day Clubs as a kid, too, and I wanted to see how I could be a bigger part of that.

In your 5 years of CYIA, what is something that God taught you?
I learned more to wait on God—waiting to see how He’s working and knowing that when we don’t see it, He’s still in action.

Do you have a favorite memory of your time in CYIA?
The total memories of staying with people when you’re away doing fairs and clubs. Getting to meet the people, spending time with them.

What are you doing now?
I’m taking online classes through Liberty Christian University and working at John Hoeven Elementary in Minot.

What’s next for you?
In May, I will leave for a three month internship with United World Mission in Ireland. I’ll be staying with the national directors and doing everything they do, from leading young adult Bible study groups, to helping put on youth events to bring more people ages 18-35 into church, helping out with children’s church, and helping support the different churches in the surrounding area.

Lexy hanging out with some campers at Camp Good News.
Lexy hanging out with some campers at Camp Good News.

Why did you decide to go to Ireland?
I was at a Youth Challenge meeting and one of the other leaders talked about the STEER conference in Bismarck. She took me to the conference, and while there, I met a representative from United World Mission. And now, a year and a half later, I’m going to Ireland! I’m excited to see ministry in different parts of the world and to see different types of ministry.

How can you see God working through your time with CEF to bring you here?
I was on a call last week with the director of United World Mission and they said for the first summer ever they’re going to be partnering with CEF of Ireland. I thought that was pretty wild and It was a pretty clear thing to me that God had been at work—that me going over to Ireland is no accident with my CEF experience. I feel like I’ve gotten more missions experience with CEF and have become more confident in the Word of God through that. I’m thankful for the experience CEF has provided me with working with people and working with the Gospel and how it will transfer over to what I will be doing there.

How has your time with CEF affected your view of missions?
Before knowing about CEF, I hadn’t thought about a lot of missions organizations. CEF was really the first missions organization I came in contact with. CEF is at work on a global scale and I was interested to see what other missions organizations are out there and how else God is working through these organizations to reach the nations. I definitely see CEF influencing me in that way, being more interested in what else is out there.

How can we be praying for you as you start your Ireland journey?
You can pray for the transition. It’s definitely going to be a different experience. But, I guess that’s what I like about it, too, is being stretched. Being uncomfortable is where I find myself growing the most. Pray for the people of Ireland. I pray that would be preparing them for whatever is going to happen this summer- however the Gospel is presented. Pray that they would be open to it. And that God is going to be at work before I’m there, while I’m there and after.